New Ellesmere release featuring Advent guitarist Alan Benjamin (and several other esteemed guests)

by Alan on December 7, 2018

Around the beginning of this year, while in the midst of working on Advent’s upcoming new single (which we hope will be finished early this coming year), Alan Benjamin was invited to contribute guitar work for a nearly 12-minute track on the second album by the Italian group/project Ellesmere. The tune is called “Marine Extravaganza” and, a week ago today, Ellesmere II – From Sea and Beyond, was officially released (on the AMS label in Italy). In addition to the very talented core members of the project, other notable guest performers on the release include Brett Kull, Davy O’List, David Jackson, Trey Gunn, and Robert Berry.

For additional information, please see the official Ellesmere website. Additionally, the CD can be purchased through AMS’s official distributor here (with vinyl coming soon as well). For those who prefer digital—or just want to check out the album via streaming—please click on this Bandcamp link.

Congratulations to the Ellesmere folks and we wish them much success with this great new album!

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