Evan Hause (bass, vocals)

Evan Hause grew up in North Carolina, the son of classical musicians. His first instruments were piano and violin—before taking up the snare drum/percussion after hearing Paul McCartney’s song, “Let ’Em In.” He soon began teaching himself guitar and bass as well, and fell in love with prog rock through Yes and Rush in the twilight of the ’70s. After his early ’80s “metal years,” Evan went on to an extensive musical education in conservatory at the North Carolina School of the Arts, Oberlin Conservatory, and University of Michigan, earning a Doctoral degree in music composition and percussion—also playing in rock bands on and off. In effect he has had one foot in rock and one foot in classical music his entire life.

Evan’s a fan of American experimental composers such as Harry Partch and John Cage, European innovators like Schoenberg and Varèse, and the masters of orchestration such as Ravel, Stravinsky, and Mahler. Also very much into classic progressive rock, he cites King Crimson as his current fave. “Composition, improvisation, killer guitar riffs, Mellotron, and percussion—just about all of my favorite things in one place.”

In addition to a robust catalog of concert music in many genres (including three operas), Evan released a prog album in 2018 on which he plays most parts, Plastic Island Pentecost, to outstanding reviews. Yet he says, “I also crave to be in a band. Music, for me, has been about playing with people. Chamber music, orchestra, band, chorus, or rock band. Advent is an amazing collective of wonderful musicians and people that have been creating ambitious, eclectic, progressive rock for thirty years already. I am thrilled to become a member.”

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