Thursday, November 3, 2011

After spending the better part of the year locked in the studio (writing, arranging, and recording material for the band’s third CD), Advent is very pleased to be hitting the stage at the NJ Proghouse once again on Sunday, December 11th. The Tea Club, south Jersey’s hottest up-and-coming progressive-rock act, will be joining us for this very special gig. Very much hope to see you there!

A very special show featuring two of New Jersey’s top progressive-rock bands AdventThe Tea Club.

About Advent:

Perhaps a modern equivalent to the symphonic side of classic English progressive-rock groups like Gentle Giant, (early) Genesis, and Procol Harum, but with a little Tubes-style funk and the occasional jazz-rock flourish as well, Advent seeks to blend true classical-quality composition with the excitement and dynamics of rock music.

About The Tea Club:

The Tea Club is an independent rock band from New Jersey known for writing songs of an epic nature, comparitive to the early progressive rock bands of the 1960’s and 70’s. They also incorporate elements of post-rock, alternative rock, and space rock. A major part of the band’s signature sound are the dual vocals and harmonies of Patrick and Dan McGowan, as well as their usage of unique guitar chords and chord patterns, often times played in alternate tunings.

For further information, please visit NJ Proghouse.

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