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LIMITED-TIME OFFER (expires 9 PM EDT on August 1st)

Pre-sale bundle of Advent’s Silent Sentinel album includes:

  1. A copy of the 77.5-minute Silent Sentinel CD
  2. 24-bit/96-kHz audiophile files of the entire album (sent electronically)
  3. An exclusive 29-minute bonus CD-R featuring:
    • Classical guitar duet from “On the Wings of an Ant (verse 2)”
    • Vocals-up mix of “Voices from California” (first half)
    • Vocals-up highlights from the “The Silent Sentinel”
    • Vocals-up highlights from the “Sentinel’s Reprise: The Exit Interview”
    • “Canto XXVI (The Evil Counselors)”
    • “Awaiting the Call …” live at MARPROG

NOTES: Includes early shipment of physical media unless autographs are requested*. Audiophile (24/96) files to be delivered electronically via the Internet on or before date CDs are mailed. The Silent Sentinel album (CD and corresponding 24/96 audiophile files) mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain.

*If you’d like your copy of the Silent Sentinel CD to be autographed, please send an email to alan@adventmusic.net after ordering, including both your name and the email address associated with your order. The band will make every effort to sign your CD and ship it off (along with the aforementioned pre-sale bonus CD-R) as quickly as possible. Audiophile (24/96) files will still be delivered on or before date all sealed (non-autographed) pre-sale orders are shipped.

Thank you very much and we sincerely hope that you enjoy all the music.

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